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The Menagerie: a real multifunctional location - creative and awesome!

How do you describe a location that is indescribably versatile? As creatively designable? As customizable? Difficult to say… we believe you have to see and experience them to find a definition. We don’t fit in any box. There are so many possibilities and concepts that can (and will) be implemented here.

No, we’re not a swingers club – we’re not a disco – we’re… the menagerie! A place where you can dance, play, present, flirt, celebrate, laugh and let yourself go as you please.

A location where a lot is possible and where the most diverse event concepts can be realized. To name just a few examples of what is possible: sex-positive dance party / erotic shows / bondage / BDSM / live music / fashion show / private party / sex-oriented play party / culture / reading / workshop and whatever else you can think of. A unique atmosphere and functionality can be created with light, music, decoration and variable furnishings.

What does that mean for you as a guest?

Check out the events. They can be as diverse as the hedonistic scene. We are not tied to a target group. You are all welcome.

Since we are not a “normal” club, we do not have regular opening hours. We’re open when there’s an event. All other information about the dress code, prices and other specifications can therefore also be found at the events and organizers.

What does that mean for you as an organizer?

You can rent from us and implement your concept with us. Our rooms are very variable and can also be partitioned. So you don’t have to fill all the square meters with many people. It can also be smaller. But we also think big is great and like to let it rip! Let’s just talk and see how we can bring your concept to life together. We have fun implementing even the wildest ideas.

New in Berlin! Surprisingly versatile! Creative and awesome!
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